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适合录音和直播的 XLR 录音棚电容麦克风


Blue Ember 麦克风让每个人都能录制出细节惊艳的音质,以纯净的电子元件录制出强劲、纯净的信号,同时保持充足的动态余量。这款麦克风采用了手工调校的定制电容振膜舱,能够最大程度采集到声音的细节,而其紧密的心形指向拾音模式则有助于降低室内噪音和背景噪音。Ember 采用了紧凑的环向拾音设计,适用于任何场景,在镜头前显得低调而不平凡。赶快将具有传奇色彩的 Blue 录音棚音质带到您的创意空间吧!


Ember 采用了我们手工调校的定制电容振膜舱,能够采集到令人惊艳的声音细节,非常适合录制通过 SoundCloud® 在网上销售的音乐,以及为 YouTube® 视频采集专业水准的声音。它更能成为广播、播客以及网络直播用户的秘密武器。


Ember 拥有精确的心形指向拾音模式和定制设计的幻象电源电路,能够以超低噪音确保极为一致的频率响应,为您带来饱满圆润的人声音质。另外,纯净的高输出增益能够为靠前的乐器以及主导人声确保出色的动态余量。


Ember 具有紧凑的环向拾音设计,因此在狭小的空间内也能轻易调整位置,由于它拾取的是麦克风正面的声音,而不是顶端,所以非常方便找到合适的位置。Ember 靓丽的造型在镜头前显得低调而不平凡,是主播和视频创作者的理想选择。

Ideal for podcasters and streamers looking to move on from USB mics.

–PC Mag

the Blue Ember is an excellent value, and a great introduction to the world of XLR mics.

–PC Mag

the Ember has a clarity to it that the others seem to lack without external help


Blue Microphones has a pedigree that it carries into this affordable microphone. Its build quality and audio capture capabilities stay true to the brand while being an incredibly affordable condenser microphone.


the Blue Ember mic’s sound blew me away.


What Blue have delivered here for the $99 price point is hard to beat, and this mic will go a long way for most users, especially those just doing podcasting, VO's and live streams.

–Magnetic Magazine

It can’t be overstated: the Blue Ember sounds phenomenal.

–Sound Guys

If you want a microphone to do one job really really well the vocals on the Ember sound phenomenal.

–Produce Like a Pro.​com

If you're looking to step up from USB and / or dynamic mics and want a good quality XLR output-equipped condenser mic, you should check out the Blue Ember.

–Harmony Central

It will seem Heaven-sent to beginners who need a mic that will highlight their efforts while minimizing the negative effects of the recording space. For this price, you can’t afford not to check it out.

–Recording Magazine

the Blue Ember is an Amazing condenser microphone for those looking to sound more professional without having to spend a lot of money on high-end XLR microphone setup.

–Legit reviews

Again, I wondered, how could this be a $99 mic? I don’t know the answer to that, but wow. When it comes to value, Ember is off the charts.

–Mix Magazine

Many home/project studios are initially limited to a single mic—I can’t imagine anything fitting the bill better than Ember.

–Pro Sound News

Put simply: It sounds great.

–Mix magazine

the Ember is an exceptional microphone

–Pro Sound News


  • 手工调校的电容振膜舱呈现开阔细腻的音色
  • 优质的高输出电子元件最大程度提升清晰度和动态余量
  • 心型指向拾音模式具有强大的离轴噪音抑制能力
  • 紧凑的环向拾音设计适用于任何场景,在镜头前显得低调而不平凡
  • 与家庭录音室音频接口是绝佳搭配


  1. 男声
  2. 女声
  3. 原声吉他
  4. 电吉他
  5. 弦乐器
  6. 钢琴

Recording Vocals and Guitar with Blue's Ember XLR Studio Condenser Mic


XLR Studio Condenser Mic for Recording and Live-streaming



  • 换能器类型 : 电容式振膜
  • 拾音模式 : 心形指向
  • 频率响应 : 38 Hz-20 kHz
  • 灵敏度 : 12 mV/PA
  • 输出阻抗 : 40 ohms
  • 额定荷载阻抗 : 1k ohm
  • 最大声压级 : 132 dB 声压级
  • 电源要求 : +48V 直流幻象电源
  • 重量 : 0.38 kg (0.84 lbs.)
  • 尺寸 : 219 mm(长),38.26 mm(宽),31.91 mm(高)